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10 main guidelines

GERMARK is a leading company in labeling, identification and continuous label manufacturing technologies that, aware of the responsibility it has with its customers, partners, society, state, shareholders and other interested parties, seeks to contribute to the country’s sustainable development and its surroundings. For this reason we assume as our own value the Safety and Health of our associates and employees, the Protection and Care of the environment, the Promotion and Surveillance of internal non-discrimination based on sex, race, creed, age and political affiliation , strict respect for state, regional and local legislation and the development of products and supplies that respect our clients’ requirements, of the regulations that may affect them and at a price that is beneficial to the development of both parties, through the following 10 guidelines:

1.- To work in a safe, healthy and responsible way with people and the environment, fulfilling and integrating the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004 and ISO 9001: 2004 standards in our management system.

2.- Guarantee that our activities comply with applicable legislation and other requirements assumed by us or suggested by our clients.

3.- Promote the preservation of natural resources and the efficient use of energy during the execution of our work.

4.- Guarantee the consultation and active participation of our collaborators and their representatives in the development of the activities contemplated by our management system.

5.- To motivate and train our employees to carry out their work in compliance with the safety, occupational health and environment provisions of the organization and to remove from our system those who do not offer the guarantees and will to improve their compliance.

6.- Conduct periodic inspections in order to evaluate our performance and continuously improve the efficiency of our management of safety, occupational health and environmental risks, through the application of modern prevention methods and technologies.

7.- Identify and evaluate the hazards, risks and environmental aspects inherent to our processes in order to prevent and control incidents and accidents related to work, diseases, damages to the health of our employees, contractors and visitors, as well as the impacts to environment.

8.- Work with social responsibility, improving the quality of life of the people who are part of our organization and as agents of change so that they carry out their activities thinking about their own care, as well as the environment around us.

9.- To promote the integrity internal and external in the fulfilment of the obligations as well as the respect to the rights through the denunciation of any non-compliance observed to the competent organism.

10.- The diffusion of the present Decalogue internally to our collaborators and associates.

Cornellà, 27th October 2016

13 May, 2017