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Serialization and Tamper Evident

The Tamper Evident range of Multibox

As specialists in labeling machine systems, we have developed a robust solution to incorporate the serialization of the main serialization, printing and inspection providers. Also an inviolable labeling in a compact and ergonomic design (1100 mm x 850 mm fingerprint) . We can propose a range of modules according to the needs of your customers, from the handling test to the combination of printing and inspection, vignette, handling test with heavy control constructed on a footprint of 2060mm x 850mm. We have developed our solution on four key criteria for our clients:

  • Compact and ergonomic design,
  • The most compact 3 in 1 machine in today’s market
  • Friendñy and Flexible format modifications for the user
  • Designed with maintenance and production equipment from the pharmaceutical industry
  • Price ratio / excelent characteristics excelente
  • We are positioned to offer more and very competitive
  • highly competitive delivery time
  • We measure our delivery times in weeks of work instead of months. We believe that we are the best in the class.

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