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RFID: What is RFID?

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What is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)?

RFID Purpose:

Transmit information or unique serial number using radio waves transmitted by a reader, whether fixed or handheld.

RFID Objective:

Automate its traceability, eliminating as much as possible manual processes which entail errors and recourse.

RFID types:

Depending on the customer’s need we will have to choose the RFID technology to use and the optimal inlays models:

  • UHF: Mainly used in complex logistic applications where long distance readings are required (Up to 10/12 meters).

Basic benefits: Reading without direct visibility (not oriented like barcode readers), massive tag readings (up to 400 readings in a second) and direct access to tag information (recorded on the tag chip).

  • HF / NFC: Mainly used in applications where some interaction with the end customer or security / non-forgery is required. Contact reading (very short distance).

Basic benefits: Any mobile phone has an NFC reader, so we can communicate with the final customer easily and directly. NFC protocol for non-counterfeits, inherited from credit cards.

How can Germark help?

  1. Development and manufacture of RFID tags for different applications according to the project requirements.
  2. Turnkey project of any RFID application either UHF or NFC.
  3. Fixed readers
  4. Handheld RFID readers CHAINWAY (China) and E-card One Technology.
  5. Engineering of the RFID tag application process in the final product automatically. (See labeling section)
  6. Standard or customized GERMARK labeling equipment updated with RFID.
  7. Novexx printers and applicators.
  8. Software to interact with the product and the customer’s ERP.

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