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RFID: Success Stories:Traceability with RFID

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Traceability with RFID

Load control of SEAT vehicles on trucks, trains and ships.

Control of the expedition of vehicles entering / leaving the SEAT campaign in Martorell by placing a total of 13 READING POINTS at the entrances / exits. These reading points detect the passage of the vehicles that are issued and analyze if it is correct to give way.

Implemented a control program where the entire passage of vehicles is controlled and communicates with the SEAT computer system, which releases vacant positions.

Customer Objective:

  • Make thorough monitoring of the new vehicle at Martorell facilities.
  • Information in real time.

Services provided by Germark:

RFID tag (E-RFID) with very particular technical characteristics. Very high adhesion to the glass avoiding any detachment in any transport for a year to the final customer.

Fixed RFID readers in the 13 reading points.

Project benefits:

  • Time reduction
  • Interoperable technology throughout the entire logistics chain.

Manual process elimination:

  • Error elimination.

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