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Iban Cid, rapporteur of the Winning Inspirations of the Dscoop Asia

Iban Cid, rapporteur of the Winning Inspirations of the Dscoop Asia


From 16 to 18 November the “Winning Inspirations” conference was held in Singapore under the Dscoop Asia program.



Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) is an association of HP technology users with three worldwide headquarters in USA, EMEA and Asia. where its partners relate to talk about the future of digital printing. Partner opportunities include different annual conferences (Dcocoop Americas, Dcocoop Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Dcocoop Asia-Pacific), national workshops and seminars, webinars and more.




During the days 16 to 18 of November, the Dscoop Asia-Pacific was held, where Iban Cid attended as guest speaker at the “Winning Inspirations” event, attended by more than 1,000 attendees, highlighting brand owners such as J & J, GSK, Facebook, etc.



The objective of this Dscoop conference is to try to inspire different actors such as buyers and agencies of major brands, printers and a reference in digital technology such as HP, to exchange experiences, share and learn best practices. The annual conferences of each continent are important meetings, where members can create alliances and relationships that impact their business in the coming years.





In the photos, Iban Cid during his presentation in front of a large group of assistants.

(Photos provided by Suhaimi Abdullah / Getty Images)

16 November, 2016