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Serialization and Tamper Evident -> Gamma Multibox: MB Tamper Evident

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Multibox Tamper Evident

In some cases, customers have already designed a printing and inspection solution on their lines and only require a tampering solution.

In this case we can provide a compact machine chassis design to allow various formats to be run through the Tamper evident module. There is the option of a modular solution to add a serialization solution in the machine itself at a later stage. For example, if there is a need to further compact the packaging line and add printing and inspection inside the chassis of the TE machine, this can be done.

Measures of the product to be labeled Coil measurements
Maximum height Max. height: 115/195 mm.
Minimum height Min. height: 10 mm.
Máx. diameter 90 mm. 250 mm.
Mín. diameter 10 mm. 40 – 76 mm

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