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We have won 2 prizes in the “Highly Commended” category in the FINAT 2021 annual contest for the INFUSION labels from Prada and the BIO-GROW booklet from BioBizz.

On this occasion, 222 papers from 10 countries have been presented.


Cosmetic Group

A deceptively simple label that hides the subtle accumulation of several layers of screen printing to simulate a cloth look. The final image is printed using two-color flexographic printing. The metallic substrate imparts an attractive shine to the final printed result. The tactile effect is achieved by using a tactile matt varnish.


Booklets Group

This label has a strong product identity with green letters and the company logo. The dominant green color emphasizes the organic basis of the contents. As with the safety of any fertilizer product, information and instructions for use are necessary to comply with legislation. This two-page label contains instructions in 13 different languages. It is interesting to note that the background on the front of the label simulates the natural fibers found in agricultural areas.

18 July, 2021