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RFID: Success stories: Logistics with RFID

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Logistics and distribution with RFID

Logistic control of watches

The customer prints and encodes the RFID tags and sends to his supplier, the supplier labels the product and sends.

FESTINA at the reception of the material verifies that everything has been sent and received and registers it in real time in your system.

Customer Objective:

  • Ensure that the material of your supplier is delivered in the stipulated time, stipulated models and quantities.
  • Register in real time and quickly the products for your stock and possible sale.

Services provided by Germark:

  • RFID tag (E-RFID) with very particular technical characteristics. Small label with a specific shape for easy application in the product. Inlay of small size and high performance.
  • Fixed RFID readers of reduced size to be able to read bags of up to 250 products in a single reading cycle (10 seconds).
  • RFID printers for printing and encoding the RFID tag

Project benefits:

  • Automate factory and warehouse exit and entry records.
  • Streamline logistics processes.
  • Avoid mistakes, offer security and guarantees to the process of receiving material.
  • Help the sale and security in stores.

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