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2018 Finat

At the last edition of the FINAT 2018 Awards, held in Dublin in June at the European Label Forum, the jury recognized the quality of our labels by awarding Germark on 3 ” awards in the following categories:


“Cosmetics” for the label “Mask Shikiso – Protection UV Rays”

Very attractive label that incorporates a transparent color film that hints at the great quality of the image below.


“Cosmetics” for the label “Zara Home – Red Berries”

This label combines various printing processes, getting a brand enhancement over an exquisite background.


Innovation“for the label “RFID Label Chassis Automotive” 

The automobile manufacturer needs an e-rfid label, to have a complete traceability of the car manufcturing. It informs the operato all tilmes of the complements and specidifcacions of the car on the manufacturing stations.

Putting the e-label on the car chassis before painting, we assure this label can support the cataphoresis process and the baking of the paing at 230º for two hours.

This edition of the Finat Awards stands out for the number of labels presented to the contest. Judging chair Tony White comments: “The total number of entries winning awards increased to 115 reflecting a welcome elevation in quality. In fact, year on year I am genuinely excited by the quality of the entries. The inspiring innovation and creativity is a great celebration of label versatility and just when you think new levels of design and execution have been reached they are lifted further.”

11 June, 2018